Morgan Blackhand

Combat Mage


Morgan Blackhand is an old veteran of the streets. A former Ares corporate soldier, he was cut loose from his old job when his addictions grew too out of control for his former employer’s taste. He spent many years in a stim-addicted haze, living in a flop house deep in an Orc neighborhood. When corporate troops began to sweep through the low-income neighborhood, killing the defenseless residents, Morgan found the motivation to clean up and kick most of his worst habits, recovering his magic and using his knowledge and experience to drive back the interlopers.

Repelling the attackers earned him the trust and loyalty of the Orcs, and he has come to admire thier culture and proud people. After the battle, Morgan turned over a new leaf and began to use his new connections and old friends to get merc contracts, running the shadows and bringing back what money and resources he could to his adoptive Orc “family”.

Morgan Blackhand

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